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HMIS Version 5.5 Rollout

We previously communicated that HMIS Version 5.5 would be rolled out in mid-June (CES users already had access to the new pages).  Due to some technical issues, this was delayed, but has now been completed.  As of last night, all users’ access has been updated with the new HMIS v5.5 pages.  Here is a description of what’s new:

Revised Page Order
The pages in HMIS have been reordered to more closely mirror the data entry process.  Search pages are now listed up top as Search For Clients (previously Client Listing) and Search For Enrollments (previously Agency Client Listing).  Client Profile has also been renamed to Supplemental Assessments, and new appointment pages have been made available (mainly for use in the Homeless Family Solutions System).

Client Dashboard
On the Search for Clients page, there is a new button called Client Dashboard.  After searching and selecting a client, clicking this button will pop up a new client dashboard that provides a read only view of important information, such as client demographic info, service history, program enrollment history, etc.

New Client Intake tab – Location
The new Location tab on the Client Intake page is a space for you to put the client’s current location (such as the address of where they are living on the street, in a car, etc.).  If the client was contacted through an outreach program, the history of the client’s location will also be displayed.

New Client Intake tab – Documents
The new Documents tab on the Client Intake page replaces the old Documents page.  This tab allows you to upload documents to a client’s record, such as driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.  Setting the consent on the document to System will allow other providers access to view the documents, allowing for easier sharing of documentation across agencies.  You can upload any document you want, and you can even upload a client photo to easier identify the client.

New Program Entry Page
The Program Entry page has been updated with a tabbed layout.  The first tab contains the basic program enrollment information, as well as the history of homelessness questions (previously on the HMIS pop up) as well as service and program enrollment history.  The program entry questions are now on a tab at the top of the page labeled Questions.  This tab shows the entry questions in a new, easier to answer format that is broken down by pages.  Each page contains a set of questions broken down by type (such as disability, youth, veteran, etc).  The last page is a summary of the answers that were chosen, and is also the page that you save on by clicking Save Answers.  Also, the Manage Snapshot has also been moved to the Program Entry page as a tab.

Supplemental Assessments
This new page is a redesign of the Client Profile page, and is where you can answer additional assessments, such as an Annual Assessment, CES Housing Survey Part 2, and more.  The questions are located on a second tab at the top of the page labeled Questions.

Case Notes
The Case Notes page has been redesigned to allow for more space for your notes (the milestone and services grids have been moved to separate tabs).  There is also a new tab at the top of the page labeled Case Notes History.  This will allow you to view case notes on a client across all programs that they are enrolled in (just select the program(s) you’d like to see notes for in the Program dropdown).

New Program Exit Page
The Program Exit page has also been updated to match the Program Entry page.  The exit questions have been moved to a tab labeled Exit Questions, and exiting a client is now done through another tab labeled Exit.  Follow-ups can also be done on the Followup tab after the client has been exited.  Also, the Manage Snapshot page is also available on this page as a tab.

Our HMIS User Guide has been updated to include all of these new features, and can be found on our HMIS website’s Document Library.  If you have any questions or concerns about the new pages, or you cannot access the new pages, please let us know by emailing us at and we will get back to you quickly.

Document Library Updated - CES and User Guides Added

New CES and User guides available on our redesigned Documents page.

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2014-2015 Winter Shelter Program Webinar:
Monthly Performance Report

Click here to view

wsp mprTopics covered:

  • Contracted to Serve
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Linkage to Services
  • Exit to temporary and permanent housing

Fall Issue of HMIS Horizons Now Available

The LAHSA HMIS Team has released the latest and revamped edition of HMIS Horizons. get your copy here.HMIS Horizons

UPCOMING: HMIS Version 5.5 Release

Adsystech has announced their update plan to comply with the new 2014 HMIS data standards published by HUD.  The updates will be rolled out with a set of enhanced pages as part of version 5.5 coming September 19th.  Webinars will be held daily starting September 9th.  To register for the webinars, view FAQs, and to get a preview of the new pages, visit our Document Library.

2014 HMIS Data Standards

2014 HUD HMIS Data Standards Released

HUD has released the 2014 Data Standards and Dictionary for HMIS.

It provides key information on data collection in HMIS.

You can find the Manual in the Reference Material section of our Document Library and by clicking below.

2014 - 2015 Program Performance Targets Released

LAHSA's Outcomes team has published new program performance targets for all 2014-15 contracts. Please take some time to review and get familiarized with these updated targets.

You can find the matrix in the QPR Reporting section in our Document Library and by clicking below.

2014 - 2015 Program Performance Target Matrix pdf

Updated APR Guidebookcoc APR Guidebook

The e-snaps CoC APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs is intended to assist you with the data entry into e-snaps for all Supportive Housing Program (SHP), Shelter Plus Care (S+C), SRO and Continuum of Care (CoC) grant types, with the exception of SHP and CoC grants for HMIS Dedicated Projects. You should refer to this guidebook after your data is extracted from HMIS or a comparable database and you are ready to enter data into e-snaps.

You can find the guide in the Reference Material section in our Document Library.

Linkages to Condition Specific Services Demo Video Released

Go to Video - Click Here

For many years now the homeless services community has understood that the root causes of homelessness are not just economic but are often the cumulative effect of the barriers experienced by the individual or family and the related challenges to successfully managing these life challenges. Most serious among these barriers are chronic physical, mental and emotional health issues, developmental disabilities, HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases and substance abuse which often occurs as a form of self-medicating to alleviate untreated trauma caused by those challenges. Good case management practice calls for the identification of all barriers that have caused or perpetuated the individual or family's homelessness through comprehensive assessment and individualized case planning that assists the client to address and cope with these challenges through counseling, treatment, & the building of personal support systems. Assisting each client to gain the tools they need to resolve or stabilize and effectively manage challenges relating to disabilities and other conditions is the first step in enabling them to obtain permanent housing, and more importantly to maintain their housing.

The Linkage to Condition Specific Services functionality in HMIS provides a means to support both your case planning process by tracking these important connections to services and the ability to aggregate, report and analyze this process across your entire program. In addition to assisting service providers develop and implement relevant and meaningful individualized case plans, tracking this information will assist the greater homeless services Continuum of Care meet the needs of our homeless individuals and families by helping us to identify strengths in our resources and community linkages and tells us where improvements are needed.

QPR - Certifications Deadline Approaching

Reminder for all providers with ESF, CDBG, CNESG, ESG, HCFP, YRP, CNGF, CityGF, and ILP contracts- All data errors need to be resolved by April 7, 2014.

QPR Certifications are due three (3) days after receieving your QPR.

LAHSA held a QPR Webinar on March 20, 2014 that covers the QPR, the certification/submission process, the Data Integrity Report, as well as common data errors related to occupancy and bed assignment.

If you missed the webinar, please click here to watch.

Client Intake Page Revamped, Household Demographics Page Retires

LAHSA was delighted to announce the official release of the newest page in HMIS called ‘Client Intake V.5 page’ in December, 2013. It was our goal to enhance the client intake process by condensing both the Client Intake and Household Demographics pages in to one page. In the meantime, the Client Intake and Household Demographics pages have been available to help users transition smoothly.

Please note that the new page will replace both the Client Intake and Household Demographics page sometime during the week of January 13th, 2014 and will no longer be available.

Please visit our Document Library to obtain copies of our instruction manual for the Client Intake V.5 page. If you need further assistance, please direct your inquiries or concerns to

QPR Documents Updated

The QPR materials have been updated in the Documents Library. We added a new QPR Checklist for providers to use.

Policies and Procedures Update

LAHSA's Supplemental Policies has been merged with the LA/OC HMIS Policies and Procedures pdf. It is available for End Users of the Los Angeles Continuum.

This policy update can be found in our Document Library page.

New HMIS Page Released - Client Intake Version 5

HMIS Client Intake v5

The Client Intake v5 page has been released and will be replacing the current Client Intake & Household-Demographics pages in the coming future.

Features and benefits of the new Client intake V5 page:

  • Streamlined Intake process - Client Intake Assessment can now be completed from one page instead of two.
  • Tabbed pages:
    • - Maneuvering though the tabs simplifies the Client Intake process.
    • - Allows recording relevant client information, including contact, demographics and income details all in one page.

The training material PDF for the new Client Intake page can be found in the Manuals section of our document library.

We encourage users to review the material and get accustomed to the new layout as we phase out the Client Intake and Household Demographic pages in HMIS.

Any issues with the new page should be reported to

APR 2013 Update

An emergency fix has been released by our HMIS vendor, Adsystech, that will modify sections of the APR 2013.

Please click here PDF to see the update.

LA/OC HMIS Policy and Procedures Updated

The LA/OC HMIS Policy and Procedures has been updated to include Client Consent Forms for the OC Collaborative.

To see the guide, please visit the Reference Material section in our Document Library.

Reports Guide Updated

The HMIS Reports Guide has been updated to highlight the most useful and commonly used reports by role.

To see the guide, please visit the Reference Material section in the Document Library.

HMIS Version 4 Retired as of June 30, 2013

What this means to you:

  • Version 4 will not be accessible after 6/30/13.
  • All providers should use HMIS Version 5 to provide services to your clients.

HMIS Version 4 Support End

Support for HMIS Version 4 ended as of 4/7/13.

What this means to you:

  • Any issues after 4/7 will NOT be fixed.
  • Version 4 will be completely shut down on 6/30/13.
  • All providers should begin using HMIS Version 5 moving forward.

HMIS User Forum Schedule Change

Beginning April 2013, we will be hosting our HMIS User Forums on a quarterly basis, which will incorporate all program types.

Our next user forum will be held on 04/23/13.

For more details, please visit our User Forum page.

March HMIS User Forum Canceled

The 03/26/13 Emergency Shelter and SSO User Forum has been canceled due to lack of registration.

HMIS Horizons Newsletter

Our Winter Edition of HMIS Horizons is now available. Get your copy here.

Policies and Procedures

The updated LA/OC HMIS Policies and Procedures document is now available.

Supplemental Policies are also available for End Users of the Los Angeles Continuum.

Both documents can be found on our Document Library page.

Version 5 New Features

We have put together the new features of Version 5 (previously communicated in our HMIS Newsletter and User Forums) into one, easy to read document.
The document can be found on our Document Library page. Please note that all existing functionality from Version 4 is also in Version 5.

HMIS 5 Video Tutorials

Adsystech, our HMIS vendor, has released a new video tutorial for HMIS Version 5. It is available in our Video Library.

HMIS Reports Guide

We have released a Reports Guide to help agencies understand how the reports generate data. This document can be found on our Document Library page.

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Program Implementation

As of September 2014, we have achieved an implementation rate of 65 percent for emergency shelter programs, 67 percent for transitional housing programs and 83 percent for permanent housing programs.

Below is a graph of our recent implementation rates:

*Domestic Violence, Under Development, & Seasonal Beds are not included.