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QPR - Certifications Deadline Approaching

Reminder for all providers with ESF, CDBG, CNESG, ESG, HCFP, YRP, CNGF, CityGF, and ILP contracts- All data errors need to be resolved by April 7, 2014.

QPR Certifications are due three (3) days after receieving your QPR.

LAHSA held a QPR Webinar on March 20, 2014 that covers the QPR, the certification/submission process, the Data Integrity Report, as well as common data errors related to occupancy and bed assignment.

If you missed the webinar, please click here to watch.

Client Intake Page Revamped, Household Demographics Page Retires

LAHSA was delighted to announce the official release of the newest page in HMIS called ‘Client Intake V.5 page’ in December, 2013. It was our goal to enhance the client intake process by condensing both the Client Intake and Household Demographics pages in to one page. In the meantime, the Client Intake and Household Demographics pages have been available to help users transition smoothly.

Please note that the new page will replace both the Client Intake and Household Demographics page sometime during the week of January 13th, 2014 and will no longer be available.

Please visit our Document Library to obtain copies of our instruction manual for the Client Intake V.5 page. If you need further assistance, please direct your inquiries or concerns to

QPR Documents Updated

The QPR materials have been updated in the Documents Library. We added a new QPR Checklist for providers to use.

Policies and Procedures Update

LAHSA's Supplemental Policies has been merged with the LA/OC HMIS Policies and Procedures pdf. It is available for End Users of the Los Angeles Continuum.

This policy update can be found in our Document Library page.

New HMIS Page Released - Client Intake Version 5

HMIS Client Intake v5

The Client Intake v5 page has been released and will be replacing the current Client Intake & Household-Demographics pages in the coming future.

Features and benefits of the new Client intake V5 page:

  • Streamlined Intake process - Client Intake Assessment can now be completed from one page instead of two.
  • Tabbed pages:
    • - Maneuvering though the tabs simplifies the Client Intake process.
    • - Allows recording relevant client information, including contact, demographics and income details all in one page.

The training material PDF for the new Client Intake page can be found in the Manuals section of our document library.

We encourage users to review the material and get accustomed to the new layout as we phase out the Client Intake and Household Demographic pages in HMIS.

Any issues with the new page should be reported to

APR 2013 Update

An emergency fix has been released by our HMIS vendor, Adsystech, that will modify sections of the APR 2013.

Please click here PDF to see the update.

New APR Guidebookcoc APR Guidebook

Effective October 1, 2013, HUD has changed the questions related to income on the APR; only the new questions and answers will be accepted in e-snaps.

You can find the guide in the Reference Material section in our Document Library.

LA/OC HMIS Policy and Procedures Updated

The LA/OC HMIS Policy and Procedures has been updated to include Client Consent Forms for the OC Collaborative.

To see the guide, please visit the Reference Material section in our Document Library.

Reports Guide Updated

The HMIS Reports Guide has been updated to highlight the most useful and commonly used reports by role.

To see the guide, please visit the Reference Material section in the Document Library.

HMIS Version 4 Retired as of June 30, 2013

What this means to you:

  • Version 4 will not be accessible after 6/30/13.
  • All providers should use HMIS Version 5 to provide services to your clients.

HMIS Version 4 Support End

Support for HMIS Version 4 ended as of 4/7/13.

What this means to you:

  • Any issues after 4/7 will NOT be fixed.
  • Version 4 will be completely shut down on 6/30/13.
  • All providers should begin using HMIS Version 5 moving forward.

HMIS User Forum Schedule Change

Beginning April 2013, we will be hosting our HMIS User Forums on a quarterly basis, which will incorporate all program types.

Our next user forum will be held on 04/23/13.

For more details, please visit our User Forum page.

March HMIS User Forum Canceled

The 03/26/13 Emergency Shelter and SSO User Forum has been canceled due to lack of registration.

HMIS Horizons Newsletter

Our Winter Edition of HMIS Horizons is now available. Get your copy here.

Policies and Procedures

The updated LA/OC HMIS Policies and Procedures document is now available.

Supplemental Policies are also available for End Users of the Los Angeles Continuum.

Both documents can be found on our Document Library page.

Version 5 New Features

We have put together the new features of Version 5 (previously communicated in our HMIS Newsletter and User Forums) into one, easy to read document.
The document can be found on our Document Library page. Please note that all existing functionality from Version 4 is also in Version 5.

HMIS 5 Video Tutorials

Adsystech, our HMIS vendor, has released a new video tutorial for HMIS Version 5. It is available in our Learning Center.

HMIS Reports Guide

We have released a Reports Guide to help agencies understand how the reports generate data. This document can be found on our Document Library page.

Launch HMIS v5:

Attend Our Next User Forum:

April 22, 2014

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Program Implementation

As of March 2014, LAHSA has achieved an HMIS implementation rate of 78% for emergency shelter programs, 73% for transitional housing programs, and 96% for permanent housing programs.

Below is a graph of our recent implementation rates: